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Your No Quarantine 15 Challenge!

by | May 1, 2020 | Coaching, Exercise, Fitness, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Mindset, Renov8 Fitness, Strength Training

The phrase “Quarantine 15” has been spreading quickly these past few months.

It turns out time was never really the problem when it comes to consistent fitness.

Motivation, it turns out, hasn’t soared during the lockdown, and it seems like people are using this time to either get super consistent with fitness…or not do anything at all.

Sometimes we don’t realize how easy it is to get fit with just the weight of your body – no gyms required. 

And the truth is that you can get great workouts in without ever leaving your home…which has been kinda important these past few months!

Just because we’ve been confined does not mean we are reduced to zero activity.

In fact, you could very well come out of this lockdown in better shape than before.

So, I’m making this as simple as possible for you.

For our No Quarantine 15 Fitness Challenge, we’re only completing 4 different exercises with ascending reps, meaning each day for the 31 days of May you add one repetition of each.

By the end of the month, you’ll have quite a workout to complete, but you’ll have built up to it.

I cannot wait to hear how it goes!

Simply draw an X through each date on the calendar (link below) that you complete the challenge.

Of course, feel free to recruit friends, family, and coworkers to join you from afar for even better results!

Cheers to a strong & fit May…and hopefully one where we’re reintegrating into normal life!

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