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As the weeks in global quarantine are passing by, many of us have settled into a new normal.

One without gyms and dining out and going to offices.

One with more family, more time to focus, and more time to aspire for greater things in life.

We’re in this in between space walking this strange thin line…

One of fear mixed with enjoyment.

One of panic but also calm.

We’re in a time knowing things aren’t normal but they will eventually be normal again.

The in between – the not knowing when things will go back to normal can be agonizing.

The hard part about this for so many people is that it’s entirely out of our control.

We want to control. We want certainty.

And it is simply impossible to control a pandemic.

Really, we are always kind of under the delusion that we’re in control of our own world.

Some people are using this opportunity to step up their life’s game – they’re creating new businesses or working on projects that have been on the to-do list forever​

Others are paralyzed by fear due to losses of a job or the complete lack of familiarity in how we’re living right now.

It’s all okay. There’s no right or wrong response to an experience none of us have ever had before.

But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

It will pass.

This new temporary normal.

We will always be impacted by these events, but my hope is that it’s all for the better on the other side…and I really believe it can be.

So, when you’re finding yourself torn or paralyzed by the state of the world, the news, and the 4 walls of your home, go inward.

How can you choose to make this the best possible, growth-oriented experience for yourself?

I promise answering that question will help us all get through this with a lot more ease.

Let me know the silver linings you’ve uncovered in all of this. Hit reply and let me know.

We’re in it together.

Heather Binns


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