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The Kids Aren’t An Excuse!

by | Jun 29, 2022 | Fitness, Health, Health & Fitness, Heather Binns, Lifestyle, Wellness

Look – I get summer can be hectic.

Kids are out of school. Family events fill up your calendar.

And you’ve still gotta get to work and manage all your other priorities.

It’s hard to find time for yourself, isn’t it?

But you’ve gotta do it – for yourself and for everyone around you. Remember that you can’t help anybody else if you’re wiped out from exhaustion or stress.

And besides, you deserve to enjoy the summer as much as anyone!

  • Schedule time for yourself every day to focus and relax, and then take that time — for meditation or reading or whatever you need.

  • That’s in addition to following your workout schedule and sticking to your eating habits. It’s so easy to make everyone else’s needs more important than yours. But that’s a slippery slope. Let everyone know when you’ll be working out, and then plan around your workout schedule as seriously as you plan around anything else.

  • Keep a positive attitude and be realistic. You can’t do everything – and you’re doing great!

  • Put down the phone and pay attention to the real life in front of you.

  • Make plans with others but be flexible and accommodating. We tend to involve more people this time of year, which means we have less control – and that can be just fine.

  • Be your own best friend. That means saying nice things to yourself. It means letting the small stuff go. It means remembering that “No” is a complete sentence. You don’t have to do everything for everybody all the time.

You must look out for your own self-care, every day throughout the year. I tell my daughter this all the time because I know she works hard as a mother of 4 kids.

I hope you’ll let me share some of the fabulous formulas I’ve found over the years…reach out and I’ll invite you to my free online community aimed at helping you get back to your healthy weight with ease, reclaim your energy, and lead a wild and splendid life!

PS – Here’s an old photo I love of me and my younger brothers with our mom (:


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