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There’s this long-standing myth that eating healthy is harder or more time consuming than eating unhealthy.

And in the world of convenience we live in today, it’s simply not true.

Whether you’re a fast food junkie, restauranteur, or you love preparing home-cooked meals, ordering salads, grilling proteins and vegetables, and simply picking the healthiest option literally takes the same amount of effort.

The TRUTH is that we tell ourselves it’s harder because it’s an easy out…and I am guilty of this myself.

We justify the unhealthy options because we’re already overwhelmed.

We are addicted to unhealthy foods that ultimately make us sick, overweight, and we convince ourselves it’s just what we have to do to get through the demands of life.

None of this is reality.

It’s simply all choice.

Even my husband and I were reminded during this quarantine how much better eating home-cooked meals is for us. Last Friday night we picked-up takeout from a local favorite restaurant and when we tried eating the food at home, we couldn’t. It was disgusting!

It really opened my eyes to how much crap we’ve been eating prior to COVID-19. We used to dine out every Friday through Sunday. Now our taste buds have changed, we love feeling great all the time, and we’ve decided to stop telling ourselves the “lie.​

Now whether this is a message you personally needed to hear today or it’s something you want to share with someone you love, it’s a truth that we all must own.

I would love to know how this lands with you.

Heather Binns

P.S. If you’ve had enough with your current situation and are truly ready for change, join my next 21-Day Beat the Quarantine Challenge that starts on Monday, May 25th! So many people have made positive changes for themselves during this time and now it’s your turn! Learn more HERE and see one of the posts from one of our past challengers below.


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