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Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation, in collaboration with our community and network partners, connects the people, data and resources needed to address challenging health problems associated with seizures and the epilepsies—and promotes education, policy, research and systemic change that will foster measurable and sustainable improvement for all people living with epilepsy.

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Hope for Paws

Hope For Paws, an organization that rescues animals in the Los Angeles area and beyond in an effort to end animal neglect, homelessness and abuse.

The team rescues animals, provides veterinary care, and transfers the animals to partner adoption centers.

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K9 Youth Alliance

K9 Youth Alliance is passionate about creating opportunities for youth from under-resourced communities and giving homeless dogs the chance they deserve to live a happy life. Their experiential program connects local youth and shelter dogs to learn and grow with the encouragement of their dedicated team members.

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HOPE Theatre Arts

HOPE tells the stories that encourage us to consider what is essential. Is a volunteer driven theatre company that seeks to stage well produced stories for a diverse audience that spark meaningful community discourse to enhance our capacity for understanding individual uniqueness as well as our common humanity.

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