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Our Products Are Tailored For Your Active Lifestyle. No Sodium. No Sucralose. 45 Calories. Paleo Friendly. Kosher. Certified Gluten-Free. Vegan. Certified Non-GMO Tested.

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Wild Foods
Wild Foods was founded out of an obsession with finding the best ingredients in the world to support health and longevity.

Our Wild Mission is to empower 50 million people with the knowledge they can use to say NO to Big Food, Big Pharma, Bad Science and Dangerous Health and Nutrition Dogma!

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Venga CBD

Venga Water Soluble CBD is Made for Endurance Athletes CBD (cannabidiol) is an all-natural remedy that targets your pain, inflammation and so much more. Our Performance CBD™ products are made to help your body do the endurance sport you love for the rest of your life.

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