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I’m reminiscing on the Drumstick Dash L.A. from last week…It was fun being at a race again, especially with friends.

The 5K was very low stress and I pushed myself enough to run the whole thing without any walking…a new feat since my ankle injury in May.

I’ve decided to focus on improving my strength, power, endurance and stability in 2023. No competitive racing goals…just to keep improving, and most importantly, having FUN!!

This personal goal feels so perfectly aligned with me right now, in addition to helping others find their athlete within!

As a Health & Fitness Strategist, I find great joy and pleasure in helping others accomplish something new such as learning how to run, accomplishing their first pushup/pullup, completing a new race distance, successfully climbing a wall/rope, lifting heavier than before, reaching their toes after years of not being able to, feeling good about thier nutrition choices, going without pain after years of discomfort, and successfully sleeping soundly through the night…the list goes on and on.

I feel so blessed and grateful and happily look forward to what next year has in store for me and those around me.

What is your goal for 2023?


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