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Physical Pain Can Be a Symptom of Emotional Pain

by | Jun 16, 2023 | Health, Health & Fitness, Heather Binns, Lifestyle, Mindset, Renov8 Fitness, Self Care, Wellness

Have you ever been sick with the flu and found yourself feeling mopey and sad, maybe even sobbing?

Sure – we’ve all been physically sick enough to suffer emotionally as well.

But we’re not always as quick to understand that the phenomenon works both ways. Sometimes we can feel so bad emotionally that it causes physical pain, too.

The mind-body connection is real. It is powerful. And it can knock you down, literally, if you’re not in tune with what you’re feeling.

The experience historically has been called “psychogenic pain,” and it occurs when emotional, psychological or behavioral problems lead to physical symptoms.

  • Consider how it can be easy to go from “feeling sad” to “being depressed,” which is an actual physical malady that can make you have tiredness, soreness, and headaches.
  • Or how suppressing anger leads to tension and high blood pressure.
  • It’s a similar concept to feeling anxious or ashamed. If you’re up worrying all night, your body and brain suffer from the lack of sleep.

The term “psychogenic” is somewhat outdated because it means “produced in the mind” and experts realize that there can be a negative association with that like, “Just get over it if it’s all in your head.” So NOT helpful!

But this pain is real, no matter what anyone says. Understand your mind and body, and don’t be afraid to seek help if you need it.

Please be kind to yourself and practice self-care about the mind-body connection. Exercise, meditate, talk about your feelings, see your doctor if pain persists, and talk with a therapist for help processing your emotions.

Pain is pain. Don’t let it hold you down. There are so many of us available to support you 🙂


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