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Tell the Right Stories

by | Oct 6, 2023 | Coaching, Health, Lifestyle, Mindset, Renov8 Fitness

Human beings love stories.

Let’s talk about stories – the stories you tell yourself every day with you as the lead character.

See, from the earliest cave paintings to Netflix, we humans have always craved stories — following characters as they overcome challenges to fulfill their dreams.

And guess what? You’re the protagonist of your own story! We’re all crafting stories about ourselves all the time.

But here’s where we often miss the mark – we mistake fleeting thoughts for the epic stories they can become, and we just let them be.

Take the thought, “I’m too busy and tired to exercise and eat right.” It’s like the starting point of a story waiting to be told, but it’s not a story itself!

You can play it forward, though, and see how to easily turn this into a winning tale.

  • Step 1: Identify the problem. “I’m too busy and tired to exercise and eat right.”
  • Step 2: Realize it is just the opening scene. Make the next statement or plot point: “I need to make some changes, so I prioritize my own health.”
  • Step 3: Cue the training montage, the challenges, and your determination. And then, the triumphant climax – you standing tall at the end of your own (metaphorical) athletic competition.
  • Step 4: Introducing the new thought: “I feel and look amazing.”

That’s how you tell a story about yourself. It’s not about dwelling on negative thoughts; it’s about transforming them into stories that empower you.

The challenges you face just plot twists that make your journey all the more compelling.

Your tale of triumph is waiting to be told, and I’m here, cheering you on every step of the way 😊

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