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Find Healthy Alternatives to Summertime Junk Foods

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Health, Health & Fitness, Heather Binns, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Renov8 Fitness

Remember the summers of childhood?

Lots of fun in the sun, playing outside, watching TV late into the night…

What about the food that went along with the fun?

Plenty of sodas, right…? And sugary popsicles and slushies on bike rides to the convenience store… and ice cream in front of the TV…

Let’s face it. Childhood summers might have been dreamy, but the junk food we loved? Total nightmare!

But now, as adults and in a more health-conscious era, it’s easy to find healthy alternatives for ourselves, family and friends. Think high fiber and protein, low added sugar. Think whole food instead of ultra-processed. Think “no food coloring allowed” instead of saying yes to a ton of chemicals.

  1. Fruit instead of candy. Fresh, frozen, dried. Nature’s candy is the best way to satisfy a sugar craving.
  2. Smoothies instead of milkshakes. Make them homemade or find a frozen choice you like in the grocery store.
  3. Sugar-free sorbet & Greek yogurt instead of ice cream.
  4. Veggie chips, store-bought or made in the air fryer, instead of potato and corn chips.
  5. Sparkling water w/fruit flavor instead of sodas.

These kinds of ideas are healthy and fun to make. Involve the kids to get their buy-in.


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