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Change Can Be Hard So Make It Fun!

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Fitness, Health, Health & Fitness, Heather Binns, Renov8 Fitness, Wellness

Whenever I’ve tried to make a positive change in my life, I’ve been surprised at how often people told me, “Change is hard.”

It was like they were warning me that I shouldn’t try too hard and get disappointed. I even found myself saying it a time or two. “Just stay where you are… it’s probably okay…”

But you know what? It doesn’t have to be like that.

Actually, change can be fun! All it takes is finding ways to keep yourself motivated and making some strategic decisions to ensure your success.

1. Pick an exercise or physical activity that’s fun. Weightlifting, running, yoga, swimming, biking, dancing…the options are endless. So, pick one that lights up your power and your enjoyment.

2. Make it convenient for your schedule. If you choose a location on the other side of town, then traffic or weather could give you a reason to stay home. It’s one of the reasons most of my clients train with me live virtually online or remotely via my app. Remove any barrier!

3. Bring a friend or hire a coach. Whether you’re walking, running, or going to the gym, you will enjoy it more – and be less likely to blow it off – with an accountability partner, such as a friend or a coach.

4. Don’t think of it as “exercise.” Open your heart to a broader view. Hiking is reconnecting with nature. Yoga is restorative. Playing soccer with your kids is having fun. For me, trail running and strength training is fun (:

5. Use an app on your smartphone, log in a tracking sheet, or go old school and use paper & pen to keep track of what you eat, how you feel each day, and how you exercise. It’s actually fun seeing your progress – and it keeps your efforts gently top of mind.

6. Shop at a farmers market for your fruits and vegetables. It’s delightful what you find at them, and you’re usually supporting local small businesses.

7. Connect a new habit with something you already do without thinking. For example, what if you meditate for 5 minutes each morning immediately before you take your shower? Or go for a walk on your way home from a regular weekly meeting?

8. Get your family on board for group participation. Can you get the kids excited about exploring plant-based entrees once a week? Or ask your partner to join you in the community 5K? BTW, we have one spot left on Team Renov8’s SoCal Ragnar Trail Relay team for November, and our Burpee Biathlon in September has less than 30 spots available (: Comment below and let me know if you want to learn more!

9. Celebrate little victories along the way. The major goals can be daunting and so far in the future. Give yourself weekly encouragement for what you’re doing well. Check out a client WIN in this screenshot of a recent chat I had with one of my clients!

10. Smile! Seriously, remind yourself to smile while you’re exercising or cooking a healthy dinner. Laugh, even. Research shows that both happy actions can make us feel good, even if we’re faking them.

Be proud of the amazing steps you’re taking to enrich yourself – and even more amazed at how you created healthy habits that really are fun!

Which one of these suggestions resonates with you most and why? Let me know (:


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