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Be Consistent to Make Lasting Change

by | Sep 29, 2023 | Coaching, Exercise, Fitness, Mindset, Renov8 Fitness

Hi Dyami,

You’re standing at the crossroads of change, ready to step up your game in the healthy habits department, but you’ve learned in the past that it’s not always so easy.

We’ve all been there. Yes, the struggle is real! But guess what? There’s a method to winning at this, and it involves the powerful trio of acceptance, vision, and alignment.

  1. Acceptance. It’s about acknowledging where you are right now. Not where you WERE or where you’d LIKE TO BE. We’re talking about right here, right now. No judgment, no hurt feelings, no frustrated desire. Just an honest look at your current reality.
  2. Vision. Close your eyes and envision the happier, healthier you. How does it feel? The wind in your hair, the confidence in your step – every little detail. Imagine the joy of conquering challenges and achieving what you’re setting out to do.
  3. Alignment. Small steps, day by day, aligned with that vibrant vision of yours. Remember, it’s not about perfection; it’s about progress. Each healthy choice, each moment of self-care – they’re building blocks of your beautiful transformation.

Simple, right? Let’s put this into perspective.

  1. Acceptance: “Right now, I’m halfway from completing one pull-up as I get stuck midway.”
  2. Vision: “In three months, I’ll be able to compete one full pull-up.”
  3. Alignment: “I’m committing to a strength training program designed specifically for me by a professional trainer/coach and will use that program three days per week for three months.”

See how the mystery starts fading away from the struggle? No more overthinking or second-guessing. This approach brings clarity to your path of improvement and habit-building. And it flat-out works.

Let’s get going! Remember I’m here to help at every step 😄

If you’re interested in having a custom strength training program, nutrition & lifestyle program, or endurance program designed specifically for you and your goals, email us at GETFIT@RENOV8.FITNESS and let’s chat! 😉


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