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Balancing Summer Treats with Health & Physical Goals

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Fitness Nutrition, Health, Health & Fitness, Lifestyle, Nutrition, Wellness

Today is the first day of summer – woohoo! It’s such a beautiful day in Southern California, and I feel so good (:

One thing I love about summertime, is that it brings unique opportunities to practice balance.

For example, most of us already know the mindset needed to reach our goals — Success takes sacrifice and commitment.

You may be ready for that, or you may not be…

If you’re like me, sometimes you like the flip side better – Occasionally rewarding yourself for little victories along the way, such as a small dessert after a week of hitting your exercise and nutrition goals, or a pedicure after training hard on the trails for a couple of months.

But it can be a tricky balance.

… Reward yourself too much and you might cancel your progress.

… Reward yourself too little and you could feel deprived and frustrated.

Think of it this way…

If we create a new, positive idea of “rewards,” and not just think of them as sugary desserts or rounds of margaritas, then we can build on our positive choices even more. So:

  • Forget “cheat days” and opt for an occasional “fun meal” or even just a “fun dessert.” In summer, cool off with a healthy homemade popsicle (recipe here) instead of a trip to the local Ben & Jerry’s.

  • Make your reward something that supports your healthy living goals. Like a nap… Ah, yes. Turn the phone off, tell the kids to keep it down, and indulge. It’s also good for lowering stress and resetting your focus.

  • Buy something to continue building healthy habits. Like, when you reach a milestone in your weight journey, get that nifty smoothie blender or a new pair of tights.

  • Dip into decadence with a massage or other spa service.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be something huge.

In fact, simple acknowledgment might be all you need today.

Let’s enjoy summer together (:


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