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Coach Heather sliding into your social feed today with a little post-hip surgery update…

Your girl is now hip brace-free! And I’m back on the road behind the wheel, two weeks early!!

Yesterday’s physical therapy session was a bit intense. Honestly, at first, it felt like my PT was being too aggressive for where I’m at in the recovery journey.

Without a brace for the first time, my PT had me balance on my right leg (the surgery side) while we tossed a ball back and forth. The ball wasn’t thrown straight at me; it was thrown above my head and on both sides, forcing me to reach and balance at the same time.

There were many times I thought I would tip over and bruise my hip, but I was able to stay steady. Recovering quickly so I can get back to my normal activities is my goal, and I’m doing everything I can to get there.

My PT was pleased and said I am progressing really well.

So, into the recycling bin goes the hip brace – never to be worn again!

I hope this note inspires you to realize that whatever you have set your sights on is within reach. Stay persistent, stay consistent, hold onto the vision of what you will do and how it will feel once you get there.

And if you need that extra push, guidance, accountability, and love, just hit COMMENT.


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