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7 Ways to Get in Movement Even When It’s Dark and Cold

by | Jan 24, 2023 | Exercise, Fitness, Health, Health & Fitness, Heather Binns, Lifestyle, Renov8 Fitness, Wellness

We can always find a reason not to move our bodies if we look for one.

And it’s even easy for me to fall into that trap during cold days with the darkness creeping in so early.

But of course, that excuse isn’t sustainable.

I hope you don’t let the cold, dark winter days keep you from moving your body every day. If you need some pointers on how to sneak in more movement daily, here are a few that hold up no matter what the thermometer says.

1. Dress appropriately. If that means layers where you are, wear layers. If it means a band to cover your ears instead of a hat, there you go. The point is: You don’t have to be cold or uncomfortable when you’re jogging, walking the dog, or running errands.

2. Be Visible to Traffic. Wear reflective clothes or items that make sure drivers will see you when you’re on foot in the dark.

3. Hydrate. Don’t forget that we still need our water every day, even if the suns not out much.

4. Know Your Limits. It really is okay to stay home sometimes. SOMETIMES. If you…

5. Have Indoor Movement Plans. Yoga videos, stretching routines, ahome gym or even just a jump rope.

6. Turn off the TV, computer and phone. Nothing keeps you sedentary more than these time suckers. Dance, clean the kitchen – heck, even folding laundry and vacuuming gets you up and about.

7. Enjoy the Season. If you live where it snows, take a kid sledding, make snow angels, shovel the neighbor’s walk… these are all little things you can do, not to mention big ones like downhill or cross-country skiing, wide-tire bike riding, and ice skating.

I know, I know… the couch and the blanket are cozy and irresistible. But remember: They’ll be there waiting for you. And you’ll enjoy them so much more after some great movement!

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