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Wouldn’t it be nice if anytime you wanted to make a change in your life that the red carpet would just get rolled out and everything was set-up perfectly so that it was all just easy?

The kids behaved perfectly and could occupy themselves so you could do your thing.

Your work hours accommodated your achievement schedule.

You had the full support of everyone in your life.

You slept perfectly for 8.0 hours each night and woke up refreshed and energized every morning.

When we say “it’s just not the right time right now,” it means we’re just believing our own excuses and lies to let ourselves off the hook.

Because a more convenient time on the red carpet of life doesn’t and will never exist.

Hey…I wish that it did!

But it doesn’t.

So, the next time you find the timing excuse for not pursuing something in your life, whether it’s your health & fitness, starting a business, or any other big adventure, remember this…and if you are ready to get healthier, I’m here for ya!

I’m happy to say that my Renov8 Fitness members have been so on-point with their heath & fitness during this time in our world and I have others joining us because they finally found the right solution for them!

Reach out or comment below and let’s setup a complimentary online Strategy Session so I can help you finally find the right solution for you, too!

To your success in life,

Heather Binns


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