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If there’s one thing this pandemic is teaching us it’s about the things that truly matter.

Love. Family. Connection. Health.

It’s interesting…

Some people are resisting this experience…wanting things to go back to “normal” as quickly as possible.

Others are embracing it and making the most of it.

And sometimes, when things are entirely out of your control, the best thing to do is embrace the situation and figure out how to come out better on the other side.

Because even though we can’t control pandemics and quarantines and governments, we can control our response and reaction to everything.

And with that, I wanted to share a few important lessons I’ve taken from this new human experience we’re having…

1. Your health is your greatest asset. Because without health, you can’t truly experience life. It’s your responsibility to yourself and to others to make this a top priority.

2. You get to dictate your response to the circumstances. Whether you choose to tune into the news all day and live in fear or make the most of the situation is entirely up to you. Everyone is having different experiences in this, and although like I said above, you can never really control external circumstances…everything internal is all you.

3. Create space for growth. Growth is one of our high-level human needs. Humans are motivated and exhilarated by growth. Whether it’s reading daily, listening to podcasts, or even starting that business you’ve always had in the back of your mind, growing yourself daily will change you fundamentally. And there’s no better time to trade Netflix for education 🙂

4. Give more. This could be money, time, or an ear of support. There’s always someone with less who needs your help.

5. Motivation is created by you, not something that just happens to you. Many people are struggling with motivation around exercise, getting stuff done around the house, eating well, etc. Waiting for motivation means waiting a long time. Motivation comes from taking action that gets you a result. Nothing starts with motivation itself.

I truly hope these lessons are insightful for you and that they inspire or empower you to really make the most of this period in time.

Because, really…what other choice do we have anyway? 🙂

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve taken so far from all of this? How does this instance change things for you for the better going ahead? Hit reply to share your thoughts with me.

Heather Binns

PS – Let’s enact that motivation within you today! Join me in my 21-Day Beat the Quarantine Challenge that starts on Monday; click HERE 🙂


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