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How Not to Binge Eat + New Portion Control Guide

by | Nov 14, 2019 | Fitness, Nutrition

We’ve all been there.

The pizza arrived and we said “just two slices” but then ate four.

We promised ourselves no dessert but suddenly ate a super-sized portion.

Overeating is incredibly common – more common than not I’d venture to say.

But there are obvious consequences in doing that.

Extra weight, fatigue, disease and low confidence to name a few.

So, today I want to share 5 things you can do to combat binge eating:

  1. Give yourself a 20-minute buffer – When you’re having a craving or want second helpings, give yourself 20 minutes before you act on it. There’s a very good chance you’ll no longer want it.

  2. Plan your meals – When there’s no question about what you’re eating, it’s much easier to make healthy choices than choose when you’re fueled by hunger.

  3. Get it out of the house – Anything that tempts you from forgetting momentarily about your goals shouldn’t be kept in your home. If you can’t access it, you can’t eat it!

  4. Get yourself back on track ASAP – One choice that’s misaligned to your goals doesn’t mean the day is a wash. And we all know how a day’s wash can turn into a week, then into a month, etc.

  5. Control Your Portions – Most people think controlling portions means counting calories, but I think there’s a better way. Try my much easier portion control system instead with my new Renov8 Fitness Portion Control Guide.

In this guide you’re going to learn how to effortlessly manage your portions without the panic of counting calories or weighing your food.

You’ll never have to worry about overeating again whether dining out or eating at home.

You’ll lose weight and keep it off effortlessly.

And unlike other means of portion control, you won’t be forced to micromanage your intake, which no one has time for anyway.

So grab my new Renov8 Fitness Portion Control Guide for only $9.99 and get started today!

Heather Binns

PS – You’ll receive your Portion Control Guide with 18 hours of purchasing.


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