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Unfinished Business?

by | Oct 9, 2017 | Fitness, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

It’s fall…can you believe it’s already October? Another year is flying by as usual. As we head into the last quarter of the year, take a moment to reflect on 2017. Where were you at the start of the year? What promises did you make to yourself this year? What unfinished business do you have before 2018 begins?

Here’s a Question for You: Which one describes you?

New 2017 Member – Some of you joined Renov8 Fitness this past year and have made BIG changes, congratulations – bravo to you!

Renov8 Fitness Athlete – Others have been members with us for years and have set new athletic goals such as competing in an obstacle course race (OCR). We had our biggest OCR team yet at the last Spartan Stadium Sprint race in Los Angeles!

Renov8 Fitness Super Hero – We have so many incredible people who are members of Renov8 Fitness. Some of you may have had a lot of “life stuff” going on this year and been focusing on keeping stress free and taking care of you. Kudos to you! By putting yourself as a priority this year you are able to take care of everyone else in your life and continue to be the Super Hero that you are. We love seeing you consistently in the gym and some of you are doing great in the 100 and 50 Workout Challenges. Great job!

Not a member yet? Lastly many of you are not members of Renov8 Fitness yet. You read our emails and are thinking I really need to do something to stop feeling guilty and start feeling proud of myself. Is this you? Well, the year is not over yet! We’re here for you! Just reply to this email and we’ll get you started.

We Have Something For You!
This last quarter of the year we have all kinds of opportunities to finish 2017 strong. Whether you are looking to step-up the consistency of your training to continue to be a Renov8 Fitness Super Hero, want to compete in a race, or are looking for a new way to de-stress or learn more about nutrition, we have your back!

Check It Out:

The 50 Workout Challenge is off and running! If you haven’t started yet there is still enough time to get your 50 workouts in by the end of the year and earn yourself $25 Renov8 Club Bucks! Ask us for details next time you are in, or reply to this email. Consistency is key with your results and we are paying you to be consistent. What other gym pays you to workout?

We are gearing up for multiple mud runs and obstacle course races in November and December! If you are looking for a new challenge to push yourself this could be the year for you! Talk to your Coach if this would be a good goal for you. Our upcoming team races are:

  • Kaiser Permanente Get Fit Relay – 11/4
  • MuckFest Mud Run – 11/11
  • Muddy Warriors Xperience – 11/19
  • Spartan Sprint Race – 12/9

Looking to dial in your nutrition? Our PN Coaching program is a year-long nutrition and lifestyle coaching program to finally help you master what can be one of the most difficult aspects of looking and feeling great – food! If you are interested simply reply to this email and we’ll get you started!

Last but not least, our 2017 group of Shed 2 Sizes participants have been staying focused and committed to their goals! They are approaching week 4 of the 6-week challenge and are getting their first try on this week! Tina came in this morning and already has her jeans coming up over her hips – way to go Tina!! We are so proud of all our S2Sers as they are learning new habits to change their life!

Train hard this week, stay focused on your goals, and above all enjoy your journey. Always feel free to reply to this email if there is anything we can help you with! The last quarter of 2017 is going to be so exciting around Renov8 Fitness.

Heather Binns, Renov8 Fitness


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