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RedStar RS70 Shades Review

by | Apr 1, 2014 | Fitness, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

RedStar asked me to choose one of their sunglass models to review, so here it is. The reason I chose the RS70 shades is because they are made for sports and come in my favorite color – orange. The orange color on their website picture is a bit more vibrant than on the actual shades themselves, but definitely not a deterrent for me.

First off, here is the website description of the RS70 shades:

“Neoplastics, Memex and Zevlez nickel metal and poly frames create an elite sport sunglass. Our ultra sport frames are light weight and offer ventilation to reduce fogging. The temple and nose bridge material are designed to reduce slippage.

Our Polarized lenses enhance colors and visual clarity as well as offer 100% UV protection. They block 50% of light passing through the lens to reduce visual fatigue. Our polarized lenses feature a hard finish that achieves near perfect visual acuity.”

While wearing the RS70 shades outdoors on a sunny day with the original lenses, I walked north, south, east and west to test how they blocked the sun rays. They did allow my eyes to relax more in the sun versus not wearing shades at all, however I prefer them to block a little more light than they do. I noticed I was squinting a little bit while facing the direction of the sun (west), but that’s common with most shades.

The RS70 shades are quite comfortable and light weight and have a nose bridge that can be manipulated to fit your face – a feature I like to have since my face is a bit narrower. The key is finding the right spot so they are not too tight and cause extra pressure on either side of your nose. In addition to walking, I also ran with the shades on and performed 30 jumping jacks to see if they would stay in place on my face, and they did! That’s one of the most important features to me in a pair if glasses as its annoying to constantly move them up if they fall over time.

One thing I really love about the RS70 shades is that the lenses wrap the furthest around my face than any other pair I have ever worn. This is important to me as they protect the sides of my eyes from the elements such as wind and rain. I haven’t used these while on a bike ride yet, but this is definitely something I look forward to. When cycling the wind tends to make my eyes water as I ride if the shades do not wrap around my face.

The RS70 shades come with a protective case to keep them safe while on the go, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and an additional set of lenses in grey. The MSRP of the RS70 shades is $150.00; one of the more expensive pairs I have ever worn.

If you regularly play outdoor sports and value the same features I do in a pair of sunglasses as described above, then you should definitely check out the RS70 shades. They can be found at http://cpeq.co/HOm6Dh and you can use the discount code MTA14 to receive a $500 RedStar gift card to use for your purchase; you just pay shipping and handling. Thank you and I hope you found my review helpful.


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